food is Love


Non Solo Pasta: Not Just Pasta


Here at Basilico we strive to bring you to Italy without leaving Pennington. We believe that Food is Love and every dish we add to our menu is meant to be consumed amongst friends or family, while making memories and breaking from the daily grind. It is our honor and privilege to be caring for our guests through flavorful traditional Italian dishes.

Our chef, Giuseppe "Joey" Trani, was born in Princeton, NJ to a family of restaurateurs. Growing up with food as a priority and livelihood left an imprint on him. Joey was 6 years old when his family moved back to their hometown in Ischia, Italy where he was raised and lived for the next 30 years.

Studying at IPSAR V. Telese, a polytechnic culinary school, for 5 years allowed Joey to train in all areas of hotel/restaurant management. He traveled through Spain and England to experience the industry in other cultures and interned for 2 years at all the best hotels near home before opening his own restaurant.

Eventually the American itch brought Joey back to The States. Since 2014 he has successfully opened and sold 4 restaurants.

Joey hopes to share his love of food with everyone, here at Basilico in Pennington.

Please check the online menu often to see our in-season additions, and carry-in a bottle of your favorite wine.